Serato DJ 1.5

Finally! Less than a year after Serato DJ 1.0 was originally released for DJ controllers, Serato has just announced the final stage of converting all Scratch Live users to Serato DJ via 1.5. It was definitely a move that we’ve been anticipating since its makes the most sense in using 1 universal program rather than downloading multiple versions for a variety the hardware that Serato offers.


Serato DJ 1.5 will first support brand new hardware from industry leaders Pioneer and Rane: the Rane Sixty-Four and the Pioneer DJM-900SRT. In addition, the Pioneer DDJ-SP1 is a new controller that will also be available around the same time that will compliment any Serato DJ set-up.

Since Serato DJ’s release last year, I felt that it had an advantage over Scratch Live in not only the overall look, but a variety of features such as extra cues, visible looping and iZotope effects. The new mixers & controller will be available next month while Serato DJ 1.5 (DVS) support for SL2,SL3, SL4 will be available in early 2014. There will be a public beta available at the end of the year for those who want to test out the new features at home.

On a side note for all SL1 users, its time for you to upgrade your hardware! Unfortunately Serato will only support the SL1 audio interface users till 2015 since its over 8 years old.

Overall, this is big news for Serato users and I’m definitely looking forward to testing out the new 1.5 and hardware. For more info and video describing Serato 1.5 in detail check out

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